This page is to ensure how this web site works.
Each page will have a video that will play. In the video
there will be a slide show with 9 seconds between
slides. The video will start by its self. Click on the time
line at the bottom of the video to go back or skip forward in the video.

If there are questions at the bottom. please click and download.
bring them to class with you.

To go to the next slide presentation, click the large
grey arrow on the bottom right. If you want to go
back to a previous presentation, then click the back
button on your browser on top left or access the drop down menu.

To enter a presentation, please enter the pass code
provided to you by management in all lower case writing.
If a wrong password is entered,
the site will revert to the past lesson and you can forward
and then retry to enter
the correct password.
click this button on each
page to go to the next